we are now bringing a city center supermarket experience to your doorstep.

1.4 Universal Square Manchester, M12 6JH
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the plan.

  • Development

    We are currently working on Ajlia App and Website.

  • Test Drive

    Expecting a Test Drive by the end of July.

  • Soft Launch

    Many of you will get a chance to be a part of Soft Launch.

  • Launch

    The power and flexibilities will be in your hands by Sept.

this is how we can help you.

24 X 7 Deliveries
No Minimum order amount
30 Minutes delivery time
Covering Manchester Area
Instant Deliveries
Secure Payments
All brands available
Customer Support
Speical Discounts for Subscribers


Ajlia grocery delivery app
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Ajlia grocery delivery

about us.

Ajlia- Online Grocery Shopping Store

Life is quite fast-paced these days, especially if you live in a city like Manchester. There is mostly this paucity of time wherein you struggle on an everyday basis to take time out for doing grocery shopping. To compliment your daily efforts where you put in so much hard work to keep pace with this competitive world, Ajlia has designed a simple solution to your daily grocery needs. Could you guess who we are? You guessed it right! We are an upcoming online grocery shopping store.

Instant Grocery Delivery Service
The situation is not rare when, due to multiple tasks at hand, you miss buying that important item from the grocery list. Keeping in view such daily situations, Ajlia has in store for you it's rapid and instant grocery delivery service. We hope you would use this service to your fullest advantage once Ajlia's grocery shopping app and website become functional.

Easy and Simple Ordering Process
Our local grocery delivery services have been planned with utmost care so that our customer does not have to face any kind of hurdle while shopping for groceries. Both the website and the app, it has been planned, would be customised in a way that you could place your order with the utmost ease. Just sit back and relax for all your grocery needs. Give us an opportunity to serve you and help us share your burden.

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