Top 5 grocery delivery applications in the UK

Top 5 Grocery Delivery Applications in the UK

Ecommerce is much in trend in the present times and people are using its services based on their needs and preferences. Businesses, small or medium, have benefitted from this electronic commerce or eCommerce platform. Ecommerce is giving sales to different enterprises operating on different scales. At the same time, customers have been able to reap the benefits of online shopping.

The entire process has been eased further through the availability of a good number of applications created for this purpose. Almost each one of us is quite familiar with various applications available these days for shopping. Be it medicines, clothes, furniture, electronic items, grocery, etc. almost everything is available online. While it is easy to buy online simply through a click on the application from a mobile or a computer, the customer still prefers to buy from trusted and reliable website sources or apps. Online grocery shopping is much in use in current times especially, given the paucity of time people have usually. Let us thus explore some of the more trustworthy grocery delivery apps in the UK.


Tesco is a multinational groceries and merchandise store in the UK. Founded in the year 1919, Tesco started expanding globally in the year 1990. Today Tesco is found to be operational in eleven different countries of the world. Tesco serves millions of customers a week and has an efficient grocery delivery mechanism in place.


ASDA, founded in the year 1949, is a supermarket retailer located in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Associated Dairies, or ASDA, promises to offer a rewarding and enjoyable experience to its customer. It also offers schemes on an everyday basis on branded food products.


Sainsbury’s is one of the oldest names in grocery shopping. The app offers free shipping if the amount in the cart reaches a particular amount. Sainsbury’s also offers loyalty and reward points for its customers.


Ocado is an online supermarket that currently has no stores located in the UK. On the contrary, the app offers fresh stock to its customers from its warehouses. From fresh food to frozen foods, the online store has every commodity required for household needs.

Amazon Pantry and Fresh

The latest addition to the league has been Amazon pantry and fresh. The service is quick and reliable with a good number of discount coupons and offers. There is a variety of food items as well as cleaning supplies available in the store along with various discount schemes.

Ecommerce platforms have impacted the way people buy products and how the sellers sell their products online. The competition is so stiff that most sellers make it a point to make their services available online for maximum reach and profit. However, these sellers also have to keep in mind that the quality of their products is top class as they have tough competitors in the market. Ajlia grocery delivery app has been set up keeping in view not only the competition around but also the demands and preferences of its customer.

For us, our customer is valuable and we offer same day grocery delivery to make your hectic life easier. We provide instant grocery delivery so that you don’t have to wait for long before settling down for those precious dinner or lunch hours.

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