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How Ajlia Grocery Super Market is Different From other Grocery Stores

Making a balance between our needs and desires against many responsibilities and commitment is what life is all about. We all are so busy with our daily chores that sometimes we don’t get enough time to focus on anything else. Whether it is a student or a housewife maintaining her home, we do need some spare time for us too. Grocery shopping is one of those time-consuming things that requires a lot much time of yours. Spending all the weekend in making long lists and hustling with finding your favorite items at the supermarket sounds tiring itself.

How about a supermarket making all these problems easy for you? Ajlia grocery delivery is one of the most promising supermarts to shop your favorite grocery items. But how it is any different from the other supermarts? Let’s have a close look at it!

Instant Delivery

Want to eat instant noodles instantly? Ajlia delivers your groceries instantly to you. Without any limits of any time or date, Ajlia offers you immediate 24/7 delivery. You can get your shipments wherever and at any time of the day. Now enjoy your weekend chilling on your couch and instant deliveries with Ajlia.

Free Delivery

Had a list of 50 items but don’t want to order online because of the delivery charges? Then say hi to Ajlia. It offers you free delivery to your doorstep. They won’t charge you a single penny for whatever the amount you have ordered from them. All you need to pay is for your items.

Order with a click                                                                                      

Unlike other supermarts, Ajlia gives you the freedom to order your grocery with one click on your mobile. It is technology-friendly and ensures that only the fresh products are delivered to you with a click on your mobile. Also, you can see the arrival time and live status of your order with the delivery tracking option.

All in one store

Ajlia supermarket offers you a wide range of products. From fruits to vegetables, frozen food to meat and dairy products, personal care to baby care, and pet food. They have an expert and qualified team that curates these products from the best brand available in the market. You will see everything fresh and healthy.

Subscription offers

To make sure that customers get to enjoy a hassle-free grocery shopping, Ajlia offers a simple subscription plan for you. If you are a subscribed user, then you get to enjoy the no minimum order facility and place an order worth as low as half a pound. And no worries if you don’t want to subscribe, you can still order with a minimum amount of £20.

So enjoy all the riches of a subscribed user with Ajlia grocery delivery.

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