No minimum order – subscribe now. Step by step instructions.

Our model is very simple to understand. If you are a subscriber then you will have to place an order of minimum £20. However, if you want, you can lift this restriction you can always subscribe to our plan.

Our plan

We offer three plans for your convenience.

Different Plans

Plan 1: Monthly Saver

With a monthly saver plan, you pay £4.99 per month and there is no limit on your minimum order and you are allowed to place any number of orders per month.

Plan 2: Half Yearly Saver

This is our best offering, you save more than £8 as compared to our monthly plan.

Plan 3: Quarterly Saver

With this plan, there is no restriction on your orders and you save £1 as compared to our monthly plan.

How to subscribe?

Overall, the subscription steps are very simple. You go to your profile page in the app and then click on the subscription link.

Once you click this option, you are asked to add your credit/debit card details. Once you supply the correct credit/debit card details, then you can select your subscription plan.

Upon subscription, you can start placing your order and we have already lifted the minimum order restrictions for you.

Happy Grocery with Ajlia!

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