About Us



As we go about our daily life, we struggle to balance our needs and desires against the many responsibilities and commitments we have. Be it providing for the needs of a family or trying to budget student life, it is a tightrope act. While we may not have all the answers to life’s struggles, we at Ajlia believe that we can make your lives simpler and easier by providing the answer to your most basic need: Food and everyday staples.



Ajlia is an online grocery shopping service that provides you everything from fruits and vegetables, everyday staples, canned foods, dairy and meat products, frozen food, and beverages to cleaners, personal care products, baby food, and pet food. Our team of experts curate these products from the best brands available in the market.




Instant coffee and noodles are a thing, so why not instant delivery? Ajlia offers you the freedom from timed delivery restrictions that have you over-syncing your calendars. You can get deliveries whenever you want, and at any time of the day you want, as per your convenience. Forgot that favourite snack? No worries, with our round-the-clock delivery service, you can now order it without any hassle. Our well-trained and dedicated crew of delivery concierges ensure same-day deliveries for orders placed within Manchester City.



In order to make the process even more hassle-free, Ajlia decided to do away with the ‘delivery fee’ concept. This means, no matter what amount you order from us, we will not charge you for the delivery. All you pay for are your goods.



Ajlia puts its customer at the forefront of everything and ensures that fresh products are delivered to your doorstep with the click of a button. Our technical team has created a user-friendly interface for both iOS and Android applications and website, that is easier to navigate than the London Underground and stress-free.



Ajlia’s subscription-based service ensures that the customer gets the most out of his/her delivery order. The subscription scheme is simple. If you are a subscriber, then you enjoy the no-minimum order facility even if you order something for 50 pence.


Don’t want to subscribe? Do not worry, you are still entitled to ‘no delivery fee’ but you do have to order for a minimum of £20.


As of now, we will be limiting our coverage area to Manchester City only to ensure the best possible service to our discerning customers.


So, sit back and relax. Let Ajlia take care of your grocery delivery, leaving you to lead an AGILE life that allows you to focus on all other things that you might be missing out of life!





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